Lift Refurbishment & Modernisation

There are many improvements we can make to extend your elevator's useful life, guarantee its correct operation and avoid problems at periodic inspections.
We advise, evaluate and propose a tailored modernization plan.

The lift refurbishment and modernisation are carried out to improve the technical condition of the equipment, renew or adapt the lifting platforms to the requirements of the safety regulations.

Due to the relatively common upgrades in terms of passenger lift regulations, lift modernisation and upgrading is necessary in many scenarios to ensure and improve the integrity and accessibility of your lift, therefore, modernisation allows you to upgrade rather than replace your entire lift.

ILS offers you the best in class technical advice, engineers and materials to make the correct decision that is tailor made to your needs from start to finish.

In fact at ILS, we have a whole team dedicated to lift upgrades and refurbishments that fully comply with current regulations


Received an unsatisfactory inspection? We can undertake a lift refurbishment

Ask for a quote with no strings attached to refurbish a lift. We adapt your lift to current regulations.

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