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Your system can be working properly, but still needs a makeover

Improve the appearance

Does your system work perfectly, but it needs a makeover? Designing lifts is not a trivial matter. Remember that these systems are the best introduction to any building, as they give us an idea of the value, the degree of professionalism and the style of what we will find inside.

At ILS we not only take care of the installation of lifts, but also their design. We can replace any of its elements, such as panels, ceilings, handrails, floors, button panels or mirrors, for other more modern ones that are in line with new times. We even have an ION configurator, where you can take a look at the different finishes of this ION range, seeing how they would fit in your system.

We work hand in hand with our customers, offering them to customise their lifts’ design as much as possible. In fact, many architects have helped us create an ad hoc design, so that our systems fit perfectly with their commercial or residential concept.

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Small improvements... a huge change

You can achieve a completely renovated look of your lift by replacing any of its aesthetic elements, panels, ceiling, handrails, floors, button panels, mirrors
This facilitates the system's use and also has a positive effect on the value of your commercial or residential premises.


Your lift | Your style

Did you know that you can apply all the finishes from the ION range to your existing lift? Discover them and design the lift of your dreams today!

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