Dumbwaiters: The freight elevators and service lifts to speed up your work

The dumbwaiters are the most practical option for vertical transport of small loads in the services sector. Many restaurants, hotels, shops, offices and medical centres recognise that they cannot live without them.

Dumbwaiters, used for vertical transport of small loads, are probably the least known lifts on the market. They are mostly installed in the hospitality sector to transport food dishes from the top floor to the bottom floor (or vice versa), thus facilitating the work of employees and reducing the diners’ waiting times.

However, there are increasingly more dumbwaiters in more sectors, given how useful and efficient they are. In hospitals, for example, they transport the medical equipment; and in offices and libraries, they take documents and books from one floor to another. Dumbwaiters are even being installed single-family homes, where the dining room and kitchen are on different levels.

If you have ever planned to install a dumbwaiter, at ILS we encourage you to do so with us. We analyse your needs and the distribution of your building or home with the aim of offering you the best dumbwaiter solution. We can also personalice its design and aesthetics to fit perfectly with the rest of the space.


Why dumbwaiter lifts are ideal in restaurants

Almost as useful as essential, dumbwaiter lifts are a vital element in a large amount of restaurants. They facilitate taking trays and dishes between the kitchen and the different levels of the premises.

On the one hand, they expedite the work of restaurant employees; and on the other, they minimise the diners' waiting times. So... Everyone wins!


Freight elevators and service lifts also at home

More and more single-family homes are using them. And we are not surprised. In many cases the dining room and kitchen are not on the same floor, and a dumbwaiter helps take the food. You just have to explain to us what your home is like, and we will design a solution suited to your needs.

In addition, these devices are manufactured in stainless steel to meet hygiene requirements and facilitate cleaning and disinfection. It's great, right?


Do you need an elevation solution, but you are not sure which one?

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