Eco lifts ION Green with maximum energy efficiency

Up to 100 lift journeys without power supply


Forget about your energy bill

ION Green does not require a costly and specific electrical installation. It is simply plugged into the 230V network like any household appliance. This means considerable savings and faster installation when installed in existing buildings. In addition, it only needs 400W to run, a fourth of what a hairdryer needs!

And what is better: it regenerates energy. The system features the KERS system, like Formula 1 cars, and stores in its accumulators the energy produced by its motion, with the aim of using it on the next journey.
No wonder it has obtained the highest energy efficiency rating!


Safety during power outages

What if there is a power outage? No problem! ION Green will keep working as normal, and can make over 100 journeys thanks to the energy stored in its accumulators.

This eliminates the risk of entrapment and ensures the transportation of the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

Save with eco lifts ION

Discover the consumption of the different types of lift on the market and reduce your bill as much as possible with ION (average consumption of a six-passenger lift)

Hydraulic lift

  • Power contracted: €1750
  • Average consumption: 2037 kW/year
  • Electric bill €362
16kw Power contracted

2-speed electric lift

  • Power contracted: €481
  • Average consumption: 1190 kW/year
  • Electric bill €212
9,2kw Power contracted


  • Power contracted: - €
  • Average consumption: 533 kW/year
  • Electric bill €95
0,0kw Power contracted

Lift configurator

We've created a cabin configurator that will allow you to envisage the interior of your dream lift even before you purchase it. Check it out!

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Do you want an even more sustainable elevator?

The photovoltaic panels of our ION Solar take advantage of the sun's energy and achieve the unimaginable: a 0% emission and environmentally friendly equipment.

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Calculate your savings

ION Green is a long term investment. Ion Green is a long-term investment. Would you like to know how much you would save a year by installing it, in comparison with a hydraulic lift or even a conventional electric one? Find out about it in our catalogue!

We show you some of the finishes in the ION line