Lifts / 11 July 2022

ION Green, the lift without electricity that makes up to 100 trips with no electricity

After the debut of ION – a new lift that does not need a machine room and with which we have achieved unrivalled levels of comfort, reliability and energy savings – we at ILS wanted to go even further. Which is why we are presenting the new ION GREEN, a more eco-friendly version of the original.

At ILS we are constantly innovating and developing new clean and energy-saving technologies. Thanks to this, we have created this revolutionary lift that, in addition to the features of the ION, offers four extra advantages:

Advantages ION Green, the lift without electricity with “zero emissions”

Optionally, we can equip our ION GREEN with photovoltaic solar panels to supply all the electricity it needs to work. This way, it doesn’t need to be plugged into the grid, although it will still be connected to avoid entrapment. We have baptized this model the ION Solar – Zero Emissions because by running on 100% clean energy, it completely eliminates atmospheric CO2 emissions.You could say it’s a lift “with a social conscience” that has been developed with Ireland in mind, we are playing our part in saving the environment. Its innovative operation helps to reduce global warming and protect the future of our planet. And, by the way, it makes you forget about your electricity bill!

Are you sold on the advantages of this new lift? If you want to install an ION GREEN (including the Solar version), contact us! It doesn’t matter whether your building has a lift or not; at ILS, we have the perfect solution for your needs. Let’s talk! ([email protected]01 419 9800)

It plugs into the 230V network, like any household appliance

Forget about expensive three-phase installations or reducing the contracted power capacity of your building. ION Green does not require a specific electrical installation; it simply connects to the single-phase 230V network, like a standard appliance. This means considerable savings on building projects and faster installation when installed in existing buildings.

It only needs 400 W of power to work

ION’s new traction technology, combined with the ultra-lightweight materials used for its construction, yields record energy savings. Consuming only 400 W, FAIN’s ION GREEN saves practically 100% of the fixed power charge on the monthly electricity bill, since there’s no need to contract a higher power capacity to operate it. ION GREEN is much more energy efficient, resulting in lower CO2 emissions, less paint use, and thus less CFC (chlorofluorocarbons). This lift thus helps to comply with the standards in place for environmentally sustainable buildings. It is with good reason that it has received the highest energy efficiency rating as per the ISO 25745 standard.

It can make up to 100 trips with no electricity

The ION GREEN guarantees safety in the event of a power outage. When this happens, the lift keeps working safely as normal for an extended period of time, and can make over 100 trips thanks to the energy stored in its accumulators. This not only makes it possible for persons with reduced mobility to move about, but it also eliminates the risk of passengers being trapped in the lift in the event of a power outage.

It regenerates energy

The ION GREEN features the KERS system, like Formula 1 cars, which takes advantage of the energy produced by the lift’s own motion. The lift generates energy when it goes up empty (fig. 1), goes down loaded (fig. 2) or slows down, and stores it in accumulators. This energy is then used for the next journey (fig. 3), thus reducing electricity use.

All these advantages translate into savings for any user that installs an ION GREEN. Specifically, it can save up to 96% of the electricity bill compared to a hydraulic lift, and up to 86% if compared with a conventional electric lift. Our lift is also made with standard materials accessible on the market. 

If you have any doubts, please contact us!

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