Lifts / 11 July 2022

ILS, on the cutting edge: Ecotests to control the two-way communication system

ION lift screen

At ILS, we are proud to work with high-tech resources and an exceptional and committed staff, such as our technicians. The two create the perfect combination, mainly at times such as now, when prevention and safety take on added importance. 

To give our users absolute peace of mind when they ride a lift, we have a two-way communication system. If anything unexpected happens, they can contact us just by pressing the emergency button installed in the cab.

How do we make sure the two-way communication system is working correctly? How do our technicians monitor this telephone? We’ll tell you!

This is how the application developed by FAIN Group works to check the phones in cabs

By using the Ecotest feature in the installed on their phones, our engineers can test the audio and the connection with the two-way communication system.

During this voice call, the engineer is asked to identify the address and lift they are in, which is then recorded for future quality control tests and immediately reproduced for verification.

Thanks to this mechanism – developed by our IT department – we check the proper operation of the push button, audio channel, microphone, speaker, the coverage, and the status of the battery without requiring the intervention of the call centre operators. If anything goes wrong, it automatically notifies the engineer by sending a fault message to make sure ILS can go repair it as soon as possible.

Thanks to the Ecotest system the emergency telephone in the lift car is not only checked once a month by the lift maintenance engineer during the monthly inspection, but every 12 hours automatically (generating the fault message when needed).

Contact us to install a two-way communication system

If you want more information on this innovative system, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01 419 9800 or email us at: [email protected]

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