Lifts / 11 July 2022

Discover ION Lift: the new ILS lift that comes with everything standard

ILS is very proud to present ION, a new lift that does not need a machine room and with which we have achieved unrivalled levels of comfort, reliability and energy savings.

The miniaturisation of all the machinery’s elements leaves more room in the cabin for passengers. We have also been working on more spacious, brighter and more modern cabin designs and on cutting-edge button panels with the latest technology. The result is, without a doubt, the best electrical lift in its category. ION belongs to another generation (“The Next Elevator Generation“).

What are the advantages of using FAIN’s ION lift?

A new traction system

We have replaced the conventional steel cables with polymer cables featuring a steel core. This new material allows installing traction pulleys with a much smaller diameter, considerably reducing the size of the motor and, as a result, energy consumption.

In addition, the use of a new traction system with non-metallic elements reduces consumption and noise levels and significantly increases the durability of the components. Thus, thanks to its single-traction technology, we have achieved the quietest, vibration-free lift.

After / Before

Safety and peace of mind beyond question

  • Greater comfort. Removing the conventional metal cables yields a smoother and quieter ride.
  • Safer. A rescue system that runs on batteries and is equipped with electronic speed monitoring allows for a fast and safe passenger rescue in the event of a power outage. An infrared beam system at the door acts as an invisible safety curtain. When an obstacle breaks this light curtain on the lift, the system quickly reopens the door.
  • More reliable. A gearless machine with fewer moving parts reduces wear to a minimum and increases the durability of components. All the ION’s ceilings, buttons and shaft lights feature LED technology. It’s important to note that LED lights last up to 20 times longer than conventional lights and consume much less energy.
  • More precise. The lesser stretching of the polymer cables compared to conventional metal cables, in addition to the installation of a closed-loop variable frequency drive, provide an exceptionally precise stop. As a result, passengers don’t trip when entering or exiting the cabin.
  • Faster. We have reduced dead times to a minimum. The ION starts faster, reaches the floor in less time, and it immediately opens the doors, considerably shortening travel times.

Energy saving and eco-friendly

One of the core pillars of FAIN’s philosophy is the respect for the environment. Which is why ION is the greenest device in its category: it uses no oil and it does not generate any kind of contaminating waste. We have equipped it with a wide range of clean and low-consumption technologies.

We no longer use paint on practically any of the mechanical elements. And, in addition to using LED lights, the cabin’s light switches off automatically when no people are detected. This reduces the potential energy use by over 95%. As if that weren’t enough, ION automatically goes into stand-by mode when it is not called for an extended period of time. In other words, it shuts down its main elements in order to minimise its consumption.

Our cabin doors feature a permanent magnet motor, which also significantly reduces this element’s energy consumption.

In addition, with the ION2 drive energy regeneration system (an optional element), the lift achieves the highest energy efficiency rating (“A,” as per the ISO 25745 standard).

Space saving

By miniaturising all the machinery components, we have achieved a cabin that is 35% larger without modifying the space available. The capacity is thus expanded from 4 to 6 people. In other words, ION lets users install a lift where it was previously impossible, or replace an existing lift with a larger one. We also reduced the machine’s size by 70% and its weight by half.

Cabin design

The lift is a key element in the aesthetics and category of a building. Which is why ILS paid special attention to design modern and elegant cabins and high-end button panels, equipped with the latest technology. Users can choose between three different décor lines with different styles and three ranges of finish:

  • Comfort Model
  • Elegance Model
  • Elite Model

Would you like to see what your lift could look like? Design it to your liking in our cabin configuration tool.

ILS 360º Connectivity

ION by ILS comes standard with a 7″ TFT screen that gives passengers information on the condition of the lift and on the maintenance service we provide. Naturally, the ILS 360º connectivity system is in constant communication with our Customer Service Centre and our technicians, who monitor the lift’s operation 24/7.

Our staff

ILS’s success relies on the commitment of all our employees to the company’s values and its culture of excellence. Our technical staff consists of specialised personnel with an in-depth knowledge of the sector. This enables us to choose the technical solution that is best suited to the customer’s needs, technical requirements, the specifications in the applicable regulations, how the system is used and architectural limitations.

With the launch of ION, we are seeking to improve our users’ quality of life by making their journeys faster, more comfortable and safer. Moreover, as one would expect, our new lift is committed to environmentally-friendly technology and its installation will no doubt increase the value of the building

It is, without a doubt, a model that belongs to a new generation of lifts. “The Next Elevator Generation” is here, and we at ILS would be delighted to tell you all about it. Want to join the next generation of lifts?

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