Lifts / 24 May 2022

Infrared barriers: what they are and why to install them on the doors of your lift

Barreras infrarrojas en ascensor

At ILS, we are working to incorporate the latest technology into our lifts. We want to make them safer, easier to maintain and improve the rider experience. Because of this, we recommend replacing the photocells in the doors with modern infrared curtains.

The improved infrared barrier for lifts: Wider detection area

Traditional one or two-beam photocells are placed at a specific height of the lift door and detect obstacles only at that height, but do not detect obstructions above or below the light beam. Therefore, they don’t prevent a closing door from striking obstacles that may be present outside the path of that beam.

And let’s talk about dogs! Our best friends are usually the first in and out of the lift, always walking ahead of their masters. This poses a problem, since the photocells don’t detect the leashes either. As a result, if a user calls the lift from another floor, the doors close and the dogs can be choked (with the trauma this entails for their owners).

One solution to these problems is infrared curtains, which are used to prevent automatic doors in the lift from closing when someone or something is entering or leaving the cab. Its working principle is simple: when a person or object intercepts one of the beams, the system is automatically triggered, causing the door to reopen.

The key is that infrared curtains sweep a larger area than photocells. That is why they offer the best solution to unexpected door closures in cabs when a person in a wheelchair, a user with crutches or a cane, an animal on a leash or a minor who is learning to walk crosses the threshold.

Specifically, a standard light curtain contains a total of 20 parallel rays and 94 cross rays. Unlike traditional photocells, infrared barriers ensure that objects will be detected across a door area up to 165 cm in height. Moreover, the system remains operational until the doors close completely. This ensures the physical integrity of the rider and their goods.

Infrared curtains can detect children, regardless of their height. The elderly, who walk more slowly and are more prone to be struck by the doors, can also benefit from their installation. That is why installing infrared barriers is especially useful for these two vulnerable groups: children and the elderly.

At ILS, we think it is essential to modernise lifts and enhance their safety systems (remember that we work with the goal of “zero accidents“). Our goal is to bring peace of mind to our users. To do so, we have launched a campaign to promote the sale of infrared curtains.

Don’t miss this chance to protect your loved ones! If you have any questions, we’re available 24/7! Call us or write to us at [email protected] we look forward to helping you.