Electric elevators, the quickest alternative

If you want to reduce waiting times, go for an electric lift! Faster than hydraulic lifts, they are perfect for buildings with many floors or with a large influx of passengers. In addition, technology has made them gentler, more precise and quieter than ever before.

The electric lift without a machine room is designed to optimise the space available in the stairwell, as it is based on a modular construction with a reduced pit and headroom.

Electric lifts feature a motor with a pulley through which the cables pass. On one side hangs the cabin and on the other side a counterweight that helps level the cabin load and reduce the machine’s power. As a result, the cabin slides up and down the guides.

Great construction versatility, space saving, cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, increased safety… These are just some of the advantages of installing one of these systems. In addition, following the emergence of variable frequency drives, electric lifts have become as gentle and as quiet as hydraulic lifts.

As a matter of interest, at FAIN we have created our own electric lift without a machine room, ION, with which we have achieved unrivalled levels of comfort, reliability and energy savings.

Discover our electric lifts ION

This lift provides you unrivalled levels of safety, comfort and energy savings.


  • Contracted power: 267 €
  • Average consumption: 774 kw/año
  • Electric bill 137 €
5kw Contracted power

ION green

  • Contracted power: - €
  • Average consumption: 533 kw/año
  • Electric bill 95€
0,0kw Contracted power

ION solar

  • Contracted power: - €
  • Average consumption: 314 kw/año
  • Electric bill 56€
0,0kw Contracted power

How would you like your FAIN Gearless electric lift to look?

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Electric lifts technical specifications

The basic details you should know about the different ION options

Capacity 5 people

  • Load 375 kg
  • Max. lift travel: 11 stops
  • Dimensions of the shaft 1,450 x 1,450
  • Pit: 1,250

Capacity 7 people

  • Load 525 kg
  • Max. lift travel: 11 stops
  • Dimensions of the shaft: 1,650 x 1,550
  • Pit: 1,050

Capacity 8 people

  • Load 630 kg
  • Max. lift travel: 11 paradas
  • Dimensions of the shaft: 1.650mm x 1.650mm
  • Pit: 1.050mm

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