ION - An eco friendly lift equipped with everything as standard

Discover this revolutionary system, which does not require a machine room and with which we have achieved unrivalled levels of comfort, reliability and energy savings.


Less space taken up by parts, more space for passengers

Thanks to the miniaturisation of all its elements, we have been able to achieve a cabin 35% larger, extending the capacity from 4 to 6 people. We have also improved the lift's speed, reducing idle time to a minimum. And, with the aim of improving your travel experience, the single traction technology enables us to achieve a quieter and vibration-free system.

We care about the world we live in. That is why we have included a wide range of clean, low-consumption technologies that make ION the most environmentally friendly system in its category.


FAIN 360º Connectivity

ION is equipped as standard with a 7"" TFT screen that is in constant communication with our Customer Care Center.

From there, we control the system's operation 24/7 and provide passengers information in real time about the status of the lift and the maintenance service we are providing.

Save with ION

Discover the consumption of the different types of lift on the market and reduce your bill as much as possible with ION (average consumption of a six-passenger lift)

Hydraulic lift

  • Power contracted: €1,750
  • Average consumption: 2 kW/year
  • Electric bill €362
16kw Power contracted

2-speed electric lift

  • Power contracted: €481
  • Average consumption: 1,190 kW/year
  • Electric bill €212
9,2kw Power contracted

ION lift

  • Power contracted: €267
  • Average consumption: 774 kW/year
  • Electric bill €137
5kw Power contracted

Lift configuration

We have created a cabin configurator that allows you to preview the elevator of your dreams before you even buy it.
Don't miss this opportunity!

Choose your lift interior

ION green

Do you want to enjoy all these advantages and reduced consumption?

Discover our ION Green line, less impact on your bill and on the planet!

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