Accessibility Lifts: Stairlifts and Vertical Lifts

We install stairlifts and vertical lifts to overcome any barrier in your building or private residence. We work towards improving the quality of life of all people, but above all, of those with reduced mobility.

In recent years accessibility has become a priority for many public buildings and communities of owners. In fact, the latter have to carry out any construction works necessary to guarantee the accessibility of people with reduced mobility since 2017, and they must be able to use any of the common spaces (garages, gardens, meeting rooms, swimming pool, etc.)

Despite the progress made, it is still difficult to find buildings that do not have any architectural barriers. Steps at the entrance to the building, the opening of doors, a narrow passage width, a lift that does not go down to level zero, a misalignment between the floor and cabin… These are some of the most common obstacles that prevent universal accessibility.

Fortunately, at ILS we work towards overcoming them with customised solutions, such as stairlifts or vertical lifts, that pursue accessibility in any type of property.