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Property without a lift

Specialising in the installation of lifts since 1972, the range of services offered by ILS includes the delivery, assembly, repair and installation of passenger lifts, goods lifts, escalators, stairlifts and all types of elevation and accessibility platforms.

Allowing professionals to install your lift guarantees a safe operation and extensive service life, as well as minimises subsequent usage and maintenance costs. At ILS we have over 50 years of experience installing lifts and providing a fast and professional assembly service for all types of elevation platforms.

We install lifts in existing properties -on the façade, in the stairwell, or in the light well- on a turnkey basis with all management and financing facilities. We also collaborate in the traffic study of lift installations on new construction sites, drafting drawings and providing technical and commercial advice.


A world of possibilities

We provide the most innovative solutions for buildings without a lift, with the possibility of installing the system in stairwells, façades, patios or other locations within the property.

What is more, if you want, we will take care of the project on a turnkey basis: we take care of carrying out and managing the construction work, obtaining any licences and handling any ancillary works (civil, locksmith, electricity, etc.)."



They stand out for their finishes; the system is fully integrated with the staircase's aesthetics, giving the impression that the building always had a lift.



They are the best solution when there are space constraints in the building. In addition, the former legal obstacles have now been reduced to a minimum.



If you choose to install the lift in the light well, the legal inconveniences disappear. You will only need the neighbours' consent! With a panoramic structure, the loss of light is minimal.


Other solutions

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