Car lift - Optimise your space

Designed for vertical transport of vehicles with their occupants, they represent the ideal solution for optimising the space in a garage.

At ILS we are experts in designing and installing tailor-made car lifts. These systems are designed to transport easily and conveniently any type of vehicle in short distances.

Specifically, car lifts are the perfect tool for those buildings where the garage is on a floor lower or higher than street level and it is unfeasible or very complicated to build an access ramp.

Installing a car lift is quick and easy, and it is completely safe: until the vehicle is not properly positioned and the doors are not closed correctly, the car lift’s mechanism will not start. In addition, their maintenance is not expensive, they do not consume too much energy and they are able to bear a high load capacity.


Electrical or hydraulic version

These lifts are common in buildings or homes that do not have the dimensions to build an access ramp. They are also used in workshops and dealerships to gain space.

You can choose between the electrical or hydraulic version, both featuring a high load capacity. Of course, the cabin's button panels are located at driver's height, so you can use the lift from inside the vehicle.


We adapt to your needs

At ILS we put all our experience at your service, with the aim of providing unique solutions tailored to your needs.


Further safety

Car lifts include infrared barriers to detect the presence of obstacles, emergency lighting, an alarm, two-way communication with our maintenance service, a load weigher and an emergency braking system. Because safety comes first!