Panoramic lifts

Enjoy the views with our panoramic lifts

A panoramic lift, with one or more glass sides, allows seeing what is on the outside (sometimes from impressive heights), providing a pleasant and entertaining sensation for users. It undoubtedly makes the journey between floors more entertaining, especially when there are children.

Panoramic lifts increase the sense of brightness and spaciousness, and give buildings in which they are installed a touch of exclusivity and a more minimalist, modern and elegant look. Their transparent and simple aesthetics make them adaptable to any place, becoming part of the architecture.

Energy saving is another of the advantages of installing a panoramic lift. As they do not require artificial lighting during much of the day, these systems considerably reduce the energy bill.

In some cities, there are some panoramic lifts that have become real attractions, to the extent that users are even willing to pay for going on them.


A 360º experience

These lifts increase our perception of space and light, providing a more pleasant and memorable trip. In some cities, they have even become real attractions, to the extent that... There are people willing to pay for going on them!


Full flexibility

Did you know that at ILS we can adapt any model and technology to this type of system? We offer panoramic lifts with full flexibility in terms of design and selection of materials. It all depends on you, your needs, preferences and budget. Tell us, and we will make your project a reality!

Unique lifts for iconic locations.