Elevators and lifting devices

Our products such as elevators and lifting devices make your daily life easier. At ILS we sell a wide range of products aimed at making your life more convenient and we adapt to your needs.

All our system's components are subject to long testing periods before being marketed. And, we only use original spare parts to replace old ones.

Our product range of includes home elevators, electric lifts (ION range), escalators, platform lifts, dumbwaiters or freight elevators, walkways and more, and we offer tailor-made solutions and accessibility by eliminating architectural barriers and installing stairlifts and vertical transportation. In addition, note that ILS is the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi elevation products in Spain, which include high-end and high-speed lifts.

Our product range offers solutions tailored to your needs. These range from hydraulic lifts designed to reach low heights and for tight budgets to panoramic lifts, with or without a machine room, car lifts, stretcher lifts, goods lifts and residential elevators. In short, they are not only high-quality and functional devices, but also solid and durable.


A unique Customer service in the sector

At ILS, we offer a unique and exclusive 24/7 Customer service. The technicians that will attend you are staff who have received ad-hoc training.

Thanks to them and our videowall, we can geolocate and monitor our customers' incidents in real time. Would you like to know how it works?"

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