Lifts / 11 July 2022

Does your lift still have manual doors? Replace them with automatic doors and enjoy all their advantages!

It is still common to see manual or semi-automatic doors in lifts in all types of homes and buildings, inside the cab, on the landing… or even in both!

It is clear that manual doors, which are activated by pulling or pushing, are more uncomfortable than automatic doors, which open and close thanks to mechanical and electrical actuators. The former are heavy, they get jammed, make access difficult and often cause the lift to stop temporarily if the doors are not properly closed. They are also responsible for most service calls. Manual doors also frequently cause annoying noises due to misalignments, problems with the dampers or rough operation. 

Semi-automatic doors – those that require the user to open them and close by themselves – are also at a disadvantage compared to automatic options.
It is true that we avoid (to a large extent) the problem of having them close incorrectly, but this type of door causes a wide range of problems due to misalignments, noise, impacts, and, if their components work improperly, they could pose risks to users. Do you think that’s it? That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The advantages of replacing your lift doors with automatic doors:

Replacing manual (or semi-automatic) doors with automatic doors has three great advantages that you can enjoy if you decide to upgrade your lift. We’ll tell you all about it!

  • Guaranteed accessibility and safety: installing automatic doors that don’t take away space make it easier for people in wheelchairs, with walkers or trolleys to enter the lift. Likewise, adding an infrared barrier will improve the safety of users, especially children, the elderly and pet owners. 
  • Increased home value: by modernising one of the most important parts of the lift, you not only improve its aesthetics, but also ride comfort. 
  • Minimise the risk of contagion: limiting common contact surfaces is key to avoiding the spread of viruses and bacteria. By removing manual doors, the lift can be accessed without touching any surface elements except the buttons, and even this contact can be avoided by installing systems that call the lift using gestures or a mobile phone.

What is the estimated time frame for replacing doors?

If the doors on the landings have to be replaced, the lift will be out of service throughout the process. For how long? This depends on the number of doors, but a good estimate would be 1 day per floor.

As for the cab doors, the time frame very much depends on the type of door in the landings, which makes it more difficult to offer a general estimate.

Call us to see if replacing your lift doors is a viable option!

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