Lifts / 11 July 2022

How can a new control panel improve my lift?

The control panel is one of the most important elements of the lift, as it governs all the safety elements, stopping it when it detects a fault. 

It also sends the start/stop order to the lift and defines how it will behave (for example, if it is going to stop during its journey if called from other floors). In short, it’s the brains of the lift.

Your sales technician may have proposed replacing the control panel, but… how would it improve the lift? If it’s not clear to you either, then read on!

Advantages of replacing your lift’s control panel

Changing your lift’s control panel will have a positive impact on your daily life through increased comfort and, above all, shorter travel times. 

Below is a breakdown of the main advantages:

  • Fewer problems: apart from other advantages such as the option to control the lift remotely, the latest control panels offer increased reliability; with fewer faults, the operating time will increase. 
  • Less time: the length of time you spend in a lift cab will undoubtedly be shorter than it is now. The new electronic systems, which regulate both the acceleration and braking, have traffic control systems that allow passengers to be transported efficiently.
  • Learning ability: Today’s smart control panels can identify traffic patterns, and position the lifts at the busiest floors during peak hours.
  • Less noise: residents whose flats are near the lift’s machine room will especially appreciate this point, since they will avoid the noise that an old control panel may be making– especially if the new one is installed in the meter room.
  • Lower consumption: Most new lifts have a sleep mode or standby mode, which turns off the lights and fans in the cab when the lift is not in use. While the cab will always be ready to spring into action, it will not be fully lit if there is nobody inside.

Moreover, if you outfit your lift with a variable-frequency drive, you will make the installation that much more energy efficient, while greatly improving the lift’s stopping precision. And thanks to smoother starts and stops during the trip, the ride will be more comfortable.

Your safety and that of your loved ones and neighbours is our top priority. 

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We hope that we answered all your questions about the benefits of replacing the lift control panel in your home or building.

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