Lifts / 24 May 2022

What’s making that noise in your lift? We’ll help you nail it down and put an end to it!

You’ve no doubt wondered more than once when riding in a lift why it was making so much noise. This can often make people feel wary and unsafe, and disturb the residents of the flats next to the lift’s machine room.

If you have ever been in this situation, don’t worry; we’ll explain where these noises come from and how to deal with them.

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Main reasons behind a noisy lift

The noise in your lift most likely comes from the reduction gear and the friction of the guide rails.

In these cases, when the lift starts up or starts braking, it causes a series of noises and vibrations that are quite annoying, mainly for the residents of the flats next to the lift. What’s more, even if we install a mount with rubber bushings, which is how vibrations in the machinery of a lift are usually dampened, this doesn’t always manage to silence a lift and its equipment, as it only eliminates noise from vibrations but not airborne noise.

The best way to solve this problem is to replace the existing drive assembly with a gearless system with a variable frequency drive. A gearless machine will smooth out the braking action and silence any noise. 

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Gearless machine: the coin test

As we mentioned earlier, by replacing the drive assembly with a gearless machine, we eliminate the contacts, and with them, the noise. This is because the gearless machine is installed along with a variable frequency drive, so that when this change is made, it gets rid of the main sources of noise.

If you are still not fully convinced to make the switch to a gearless machine, we have a foolproof test for you: place a coin on its edge in the cab of a lift that has a gearless machine and press any button. When the lift starts moving, you will see that the coin stays upright the whole journey! 

However, if you do this same test in a lift without this system, you will notice that the coin falls due to vibrations caused by the machinery.

Want to do the test? Contact us and we’ll take you to see for yourself! You can do so using the contact form (at the bottom of your screen), or by telephone or email at [email protected].

Other reasons for noisy lifts

The noise in your lift can also be caused by the following reasons:

  1. Lack of lubrication of the lift: Causes noise from vibrations. This can be solved with automatic greasing systems that keep the guides lubricated at all times.
  2. Control panels with old contacts: Causes airborne noise. The main solution is a new control panel with micro-contacts, which are much quieter.
  3. Old, misaligned automatic doors: Causes airborne noise. In this case, we recommend replacing the old doors with new ones.
  4. Old semi-automatic lift doors that slam shut: Causes noise from vibrations. The best thing in this situation is to replace the semi-automatic doors with automatic ones.
  5. Old speed limiter or loose cable: Causes airborne noise. The most effective solution would be to replace the cable, the parts or the complete speed limiter assembly. 

We hope we answered all your questions. If you want more information on the subject or want to change over to a gearless machine, don’t hesitate to contact us!