Lift noise reduction: How to soundproof noise from a lift

Do you know where your lift's noise comes from? Usually, our lift's noise is caused by the gear drive machines, the guides' friction and poor damping of doors. The neighbours from homes adjoining the machine room are who suffer most from this inconvenience, yet solutions to this problem have multiple benefits that the entire community of owners will enjoy.

Lift noise reduction

Noisey lifts are one of the main sources of discomfort in both residential and commercial properties, whether intermittent or constant, this affects not only the in car experience but also causes disruption to other tenants.

These annoying noises are unfortunately a common occurrence as a result of poor installation, worn components or in some circumstances a result of component failure.Not only is the noise a discomfort to users and other tenants but also can in most cases result in a breakdown and failure of the lift altogether.

The best way to prevent this from occurring is to ensure that proper preventative and corrective maintenance is carried out at regular required intervals. At ILS we advise you with no strings attached, the best possible way to ensure that your lift is consistently operating smoothly and quietly at all times.


Gearless machine with permanent magnets

Whether we install rubber buffers (the traditional damping system for lifts) or not, it is most likely that our system will continue to make more noise than desired. To avoid this problem, the ideal solution is to replace the system's drive group with a gearless system with a variable frequency drive.
Less consumption and less deterioration. The compact and highly durable design of these systems provide them a high level of energy efficiency.
They are also more efficient, so you will reduce consumption!


Variable frequency drive

By changing the frequency of the supply current, we achieve a more comfortable journey, reducing vibrations and noise and optimising energy consumption


Automatic lubricator

The lack of lubrication of the lift's guides can produce a very unpleasant noise, which at the same time is very easy to avoid if we install this system, whose refillable tank constantly lubricates them.
In addition: by reducing friction, we can optimise consumption and extend the guides' useful life


Automatic doors

Manual and semi automatic doors can be problematic in terms of accessibility. These are responsible for most malfunction notifications and when they become misaligned or lose damping, can become an annoyance for those located near the door. Installing automatic doors will give you a more silent, smooth and safer system which is a longer lasting solution.


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