Lift Vibration? - Rediscover the pleasure of travelling in your lift

Upgrade its appearance and eliminate any annoying noises and vibrations. You will travel smoothly in a cabin with a clean design and with all the comforts that the current market has to offer.

Improve travel comfort


Gearless machine with permanent magnets

A simplified drive system vs normal machinery provides less vibrations, which translates into a gentler journey.


Automatic lubricator

This system constantly lubricates the guides, which provides a gentler and quieter journey, as well as extends its service life.


Variable frequency drive

When optimising our system's use of current, a variable frequency drive will improve the system's start and braking actions, avoiding jerky movements and a misalignment with the floor.


Aesthetic improvements

Everything you see inside your cabin can be upgraded: panels, mirrors, ceiling, lights, button panel... achieving a refreshed and modern look, more comfortable for users and increasing the value of your premises.



Providing your system with a digital line allows for a better emergency service, which is key to the safety of all users, and permits installing screens that offer information content and multimedia entertainment to users


ION screens

Renew your system's button panel by installing a product with contemporary lines, and offer interesting content in your lift for a lot less than you can imagine!

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