Frequently asked questions about lifting platform upgrading

Find on this page answers to the most frequently asked questions related to lift modernization, renovation and improvement.

Upgrading FAQs

The price of a lift cabin varies from £1,000 for specific decorations to £3,000 or £4,000 for replacing the cabin with doors and counterweight balancing. However, the price may also vary depending on the materials chosen.

The dimensions of a lift cabin adapted to the passage of a wheelchair that complies with the accessibility is 50 x 40 inches, although customized solutions are made to take advantage of the available space.

The dimensions of the shaft for an accessible lift of 992 lb and 6 people are 61 (width) x 59 (depth) inches for a cabin with a single boarding. As the boarding number or the size of the cabin increases, the dimension of the space increases.

The price of a Gearless motor depends on the number of stops and the power of the equipment. The price of a pack for changing the machine, frequency converter and maneuver depends on the load, speed and type of equipment. For a conventional lift, it is usually around £10,000.

For a standard lift, the measurements of the lift pit are 41 inches. However, in the case of rehabilitation and if larger pit dimensions cannot be achieved, it is possible to prepare a report from the installation company and request exemption from this rule in order to adapt to the existing measures.

To stop a lift, just use the key that matches the lock inside all lifts. This lock is a safety switch that normally turns the lifts on and off, while canceling all calls from other floors.