We help you eliminate barriers

There are multiple solutions that enable us to adapt our system so it can provide service to all people alike. Eliminating the barriers to accessibility is key to ensuring everyone's health and well-being.

Improve accessibility

Accessible buildings and lifts are those able to provide services to all people alike. Although currently most public and private buildings have accessibility measures in place for people with reduced mobility, there are still many buildings that need to be renovated or adapted to meet the special needs of all groups of people.

At ILS we are experts in the development of accessibility solutions and accessible lifts. We work towards eliminating architectural barriers (with products such as stairlifts, platforms and vertical lifts) or access misalignments (with variable frequency drives), as well as installing lifts in old properties where there are only staircases, thus ensuring the systems go down to level zero.

In addition, we make sure that your lifts’ dimensions make it accessible, we replace old doors with automatic ones, and we install speaking or braille button panels and induction loops for people with hearing disabilities.


Down to level zero

Taking down a lift to level zero means bringing it down to street level, that is, eliminating any steps from the building's entrance. This type of interventions eliminates the existing architectural barriers, making everyday life easier for people with mobility problems, thus achieving full accessibility.


Induction loop

A clean, noise-free sound for people with hearing disabilities. Thanks to installing a magnetic (or induction) loop, the audio signal that we can all hear is transformed into a magnetic field that most hearing aids can detect -those with a T position-, allowing to hear, for example, the system's emergency system without any problems.


Speaking button panel

A speaking button panel helps people with impaired vision to use the system, by providing travel information, such as the floor where the cabin stops or the doors' position


Braille button panel

If your lift's button panel has no printing in relief, people with reduced vision may have problems using it. Upgrade it and ensure everyone's accessibility


Variable frequency drive

Ensuring a correct alignment of the cabin facilitates its access to all users. A variable frequency drive provides this improvement, as well as enhancing travel comfort (gentler start, braking and journey) and reducing our system's consumption.


Automatic doors

Installing automatic doors, in addition to freeing much of the cabin space, simplifies access to the lift by not having to operate any element to enter it. What's more, we improve safety and avoid many of our system's malfunction notifications; nothing but advantages!


Stairlifts, platforms and vertical lifts

Facilitate the use and enjoyment of facilities for users and residents with reduced mobility.
This doesn't eliminate architectural barriers, but they are an invaluable help to overcome them.

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