Commitments / 11 July 2022

FAIN Ascensores arrives in Ireland

We are very proud to announce that, for the first time in our history, we have acquired the subsidiary of a multinational company, Otis Elevator, with the aim of entering the Irish market.

FAIN Ascensores continues to grow!

This is a major milestone in our company’s international expansion, by means of which we have extended to five the number of countries in which we operate, following our arrival in France, Belgium and Switzerland. FAIN therefore continues its expansion outside of Spain –though always with the goal in mind of maintaining its profitability– and its acquisition and integration of vertical transport market players into the company. In fact, we have already acquired over 100 companies!

The corporation acquired on this occasion, which consists of three companies (West of Ireland, Irish Lift Services and Otis Irish), will now be called Irish Lift Services, and it will place us among the country’s leading market players, with a 20% market share, according to internal estimates, and more than 4,700 lifts under its management. 

Furthermore, thanks to our technological expertise and innovative services, developed in Spain, we will continue working towards the company growing, while providing the country’s customers the benefits of our products’ sustainability and connectivity, as well as our customer service. The implementation of these new developments will also involve an increased production in our country and more jobs.

Our family continues to grow

The acquisition of this company will also entail an increase in staff by 100 employees, in addition to those resulting from the further administrative and technological resources required for the portfolio of systems in Ireland. 

The company currently has 900 employees, and we continue to grow by committing to the same core pillars that have identified us so far: people and technology. We will also continue working towards ensuring that our entire staff feels at home, guaranteeing our status as Great Place to Work in the future. 

To all our employees, thank you for allowing FAIN to continue to grow.

Let’s continue working together towards taking our products to everyone in the world!