Lifts / 24 May 2022

Is it expensive your lift maintenance contract cost? Find out what’s behind your contract!

Do you know how much it costs to maintain your lift? Does it seem expensive? But do you really know everything that’s behind a maintenance contract? Let’s take a look!

In general, the maintenance contract for a lift has to spell out what services are covered. Some are required by law, but they can be added to through coverage contracts negotiated specifically with our clients based on their needs. The contract also has to specify the price, the duration, how it can be extended – if it’s automatic without notice or if, on the contrary, it has to be expressly renewed – and the cases in which it can be terminated (along with any penalties this would entail).

Of course, we need to distinguish between preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. The former is done periodically and is designed to prevent potential future malfunctions and to extend the life of the equipment. In general, it consists of checking that everything is working correctly, and replacing or adjusting any parts that may pose a risk. To give you an idea, the most common tasks done during this maintenance are as follows:

  • An inspection as per the guidelines specified for the model or type of lift in question.
  • Certain cleaning tasks, as well as lubrication and greasing of certain mechanisms.
  • Adjustment and regulation of devices as required.
  • And, of course, replacement of parts that are worn or nearing their service life. It should be noted that, depending on the type of contract and the parts in question, the replacements may be charged separately.

Corrective maintenance is intended to fix any faults that may occur in a timely manner, in order to keep them from reoccurring in the future. For example, if a lift makes noise as it moves, is off-balance or stops between floors, or doesn’t stop at the floor requested, etc.Just as a maintenance contract is obligatory, the law also requires all lifts to undergo periodic inspections, which is the responsibility of the owner. ILS, as the maintenance company, provides 6 and then a 3-month notice before this inspection is due and sends out a list of the eligible companies in the market so that the owners – property managers and/or presidents of residents’ associations – can choose and hire one.

Our commitments: always go the extra mile in lift maintenance

Up to now, we have seen the features that, by law, cannot be absent from a maintenance contract. But ILS is always one step ahead of what the regulation requires! Which is why, in addition to the above, we commit ourselves internally to meeting these commitments:

  1. Thanks to a revolutionary emergency telephone service and to the number of technicians nationwide, we mesure and optimize our lift entrapment rescue time every single day to offer you the fastest possible response. Also, after each rescue, we contact you and invite you to answer a quality survey so you can rate the service provided and the treatment received.
  2. We do not leave lifts out of service on any day due to causes attributable to ILS.
  3. In the event of a claim, we commit to getting back to you within 24 hours.
  4. We guarantee a minimum availability for your lift of 99.5%.
  5. We work with a target of “zero accidents” because we care about your safety and that of our technicians.
  6. We guarantee round-the-clock contact with ILS. The mobile phones of every ILS employee are on 24 hours. What’s more, the agents in our Contact Center can help you in up to 5 languages!
  7. We can maintain your lift regardless of the brand, since we have technicians from all manufacturers who are specifically trained in each. This makes ILS the true multi-brand maintenance expert.
  8. We want you to understand what you’re buying. That’s why our technical and sales teams not only provide you with a detailed quote, but they also explain it in depth.

More “invisible” benefits

When you contract your maintenance with ILS, you get even more advantages than you may realice. These are:

  • A fully equipped technical team is on call 24/7 (with tools, consoles, vehicles, spare parts, mobility application, etc.) and constantly trained on operations, occupational risk prevention and new products from both ILS and the competition. This team is not just the local technician, but the on-call technician, the repair technician, the members of the technical assistance group, warehouse personnel, purchasing reps, etc. As you can see, the costs of maintaining this service are far higher than the monthly maintenance fee.
  • Availability of sales agents and technical supervisors.
  • High-level office tools are used to record everything that happens involving your lift (Google, SAP, etc.)
  • Civil liability insurance for 12,000,000 euros to cover any accident that may occur.
  • Peace of mind of having the service provided by a solvent and reputable business and not having to bear any liability for any incident that may occur for the duration of the contract.
  • We are also the company with the longest service hours in contracts! No competitor provides the service hours that ILS offers.

Knowing what you know now, let us ask you a question: Would you really get rid of the maintenance cost and leave your lift without regular checks by trained professionals, knowing that you and your family ride in it?

Remember that a comprehensive maintenance service that offers confidence, speed and quality, all at a fair price, is the basis for proper maintenance. And at ILS, you will find all these ingredients! If you’re considering our services, ask us for a quote with no obligation!