Lifts / 24 May 2022

ION Solar, the latest in smart solar powered lifts

One of the last places we’d want to be if the light goes out is inside a lift, right? You may not have given it much thought, but… wouldn’t it be more efficient for lifts to work with renewable energies, like solar? This prospect, which seemed like science fiction a few years ago, is now entirely feasible, and at ILS it has a name: the new ION Solar.

Our ION Solar is a lift that works with 100% clean energy. In addition to producing its own when it goes up empty or goes down full, it can connect to photovoltaic solar panels that can generate the electricity it needs to operate, doing away with atmospheric CO2 emissions and making even the electrical bill a thing of the past.

Advantages of ION Solar lifts

Solar panels

So-called “smart lifts” allow for better energy management in buildings. And the ION Solar is a clear example of this. It is a device that is powered by 100% renewable energy, with solar panels placed at the top of buildings and connected to the lift itself to save energy and reduce costs.

Fortunately, solar panels have come down in size and can now be installed anywhere. What’s more, they are very affordable and can generate and accumulate much more energy than before.

You see, innovation is in our company’s DNA. We develop new technologies that draw their inspiration from our customers and their needs. Not surprisingly, the ION Solar combines the best lift technology and unrivalled comfort with a safe, efficient and elegant design.

Environmental responsibility

Although the ION Green yields very high levels of energy efficiency, at ILS we felt the need to introduce the environmental responsibility that we are known for into our product development process. And the results have been incredible!

In 1960, our lifts emitted 5,380 kg of CO2 a year. By the turn of the millennium, this figure was down to 1,610 [see chart below]. The ION Green lift was a major step forward, reducing CO2 emissions by 753 kg/year. But the ION Solar has achieved what once seemed unimaginable: Zero emissions! Its innovative operation thus helps to reduce global warming and protect the future of our planet.

We should install lifts with this type of solution whenever possible. It’s a matter of responsibility!

Up to 100 trips without electricity

Beyond the solar panels, the ION Solar stores the energy it generates when it moves thanks to an accumulator system – just like the GREEN version did. As a result, it optimises every trip, making it possible for people with reduced mobility to move about while also minimising the likelihood that you will be trapped in the lift in the event of a power outage. In these situations, the stored energy allows the lift to make over 100 trips without electricity from the grid.

So, even though the initial investment for an ION Solar is higher than for a conventional model, it pays for itself through its low annual consumption and, by the end of its useful life, it is more cost effective for the user.

In short, this pioneering lift is the best example of ILS’s commitment to the most advanced technology, coupled with our philosophy of respect for the environment. Would you like to install one in your building? Let’s talk!

Do solar panels work on cloudy days?

Solar panels are large enough to supply electricity during daylight hours when sunlight is less intense. In fact, any surplus solar energy is stored in batteries to ensure that this pioneering device can continue to work normally even at night.

But what happens on cloudy days when solar panels can’t produce enough energy? During extended periods of insufficient sunlight, our ION Solar won’t be able to produce the energy it needs to function. However, in these cases, the lift has an electrical system that doesn’t have any special requirements; it works with the single-phase 220V current that is available in any building.