Lifts / 24 May 2022

What is the lift lifespan before being refurbished or replaced?

If there is a lift installed in your residential building, you may well be wondering what is useful life of a lift. It may seem like a simple question to answer, but there are several factors that influence the performance of a lift. What we can say, however, is that the average lift lifespan varies between 20 and 30 years.

To extend the service life, it is essential to do preventive maintenance to ensure the proper operation of the lift. How a lift is used (frequency, number of users, etc.) and whether it is used responsibly and carefully also influence its service life.

As experts in the sector, we want to help you learn all these factors in more detail so you can estimate the useful life of your lift.

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What factors come into play when calculating the lift life expectancy?

There are a series of questions we need to ask to determine what condition a lift is in before knowing the life expectancy of a passenger lift:

  • Is the lift installed inside or outside? Obviously, one installed outdoors will wear faster due to the weather.
  • Is it a high-use lift located in a shopping centre with a lot of traffic? Is it for residential use? Public or private? The service life will depend on how the lift is used. The more frequently it is used, the more its components wear down.
  • How often is it maintained?
  • Does the lift carry heavy loads? Is it subject to overuse in certain situations, such as during building renovations?

How can a lift’s service life be extended?

It is essential that you choose a maintenance company with good professionals and that is concerned not only with doing the maintenance tasks, but with providing recommendations on what you have to invest in to ensure that your lift does not become obsolete. If it provides a quality service, it will undoubtedly extend the life of the lift.

It is also advisable to make small upgrades to the lift, especially to certain components of the lift that will not only extend its useful life, but also ensure that the lift is safe at all times. Ideally, you should have a short-, medium- and long-term modernisation plan that lets you spread out the costs that any such upgrades will obviously entail.

What components can be upgraded or modernised to extend the service life of a lift?

The elements that you should focus on to extend the service life of a lift are mainly the following

  • Doors
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Machine
  • Cables
  • Drive pulley
  • Guide shoes
  • Electrical installation

We hope we answered all your questions

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