Lift control panel and screens for lifts

Lift screens are an information medium that can be very useful for communicating with users. They will undoubtedly gain presence in the coming years.

A lift screen is a monitor integrated into one of the cabin walls that keeps passengers distracted during their short journey between the different floors.

Thanks to lift screens, users can know in which direction the lift is moving, the destination floor and the location of the cabin at any given time. But, that’s not all. These monitors inform about the time, date and temperature in the city, as well as the latest news or weekend’s sports results.

At ILS we offer custom made design for lift screens, as our users’ profile are extremely diverse: residents, visitors in a hospital, hotel guests… In fact, lift screens also offer the possibility of sharing important information between those living in a same building, so everyone can see it. In office blocks these elements make the building seem more professional, more stylish and much more technologically advanced.


Content management

Tailor made screen design with images, logo, videos, photographs.

All content and messages can be easily designed from the connection

Your screen can provide all these services:
System information:
1) Destination floor
2) Direction of travel
3) Location of the cabin at all times
4) Incidents and breakdowns

General information:
1) Time
2) Date
3) Temperature

1) News
2) Multimedia entertainment
3) Customisable information of interest to the user

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