Digital telephone line in lifts

More coverage, more security, more availability.
Secure your elevator emergency line by contracting our digital service.
No installation cost and no surprises on your bill.


Get ahead of the analog switch-off

You may ask yourself, how does the disappearance of analog lines affect elevators? Your elevator may be left without direct connection to the emergency center of your maintenance company, which is a risk for the safety of users and a breach of regulations.
With the installation of a digital line with ILS you will avoid this risk, having direct contact with our advanced emergency center.
Do not wait and enjoy all its advantages, we tell you about them!


Fully serviced

By contracting a digital line for your equipment with us you will have a better service that improves the current regulations.
With autonomy in the event of power cuts. Your elevator line, thanks to our UPS, will have 2 hours of additional service.
Automatic operation tests every 12 hours. Which improves the regulation that establishes its frequency in 72h).
✓ Geolocation of your equipment when receiving the call. It not only speeds up the rescue in all cases but also helps us to do it even if we lose the connection or if the passenger does not know the exact address.


No unexpected expenses or initial investment

With an analog line, it is more common than you might expect for the emergency telephone to get hung up continuously calling the emergency center.
When this happens with an analog line with "per minute" and "per outgoing call" billing, the cost can be very high. ILS's digital line has a fixed monthly cost, no matter how many times you call.
With a 3 year line contract with us, ILS will install the line AT NO COST. You will only have to pay month to month the cost of the service.


Don't know what type of line your elevator has?

Contact us, we will study your connection and prepare a personalized offer without any cost.