Lifts / 20 May 2022

Your lift has to be just as safe as a new one!

Business Federation of Lifts have asked political parties to incorporate measures into their electoral platforms that lead to improved safety for lifts and, of course, make buildings more accessible.
It is essential for all existing lifts to incorporate safety measures similar to those found in new lifts, regardless of when they were installed.

Add safety measures and systems to your lift

Regardless of their age, all lifts installed should have:

  • Devices to keep the doors from closing unexpectedly and thus avoid accidents caused by impacts. An infrared barrier for lifts is a good option.
  • Remote alarm systems that make it possible to telephone the service centre in the event of an emergency, which will facilitate a quick rescue and provide reassurance to anyone trapped in a lift. Of note in this regard is the progress made by our revolutionary ION lift, featuring the FAIN 360º Connectivity system, which is in constant communication with our Customer Service Centre and our technicians.
  • Mechanisms that keep the lift from moving uncontrollably. FAIN recommends going with gearless technology, which improves ride comfort and prevents the lift stopping suddenly upon reaching the landing.
  • Precise stopping systems that avoid any difference in height between the cab and the landing, and that ensure the lift comes to a stop. These systems guarantee that the lift stops level with the landing, thus avoiding falls and injuries due to trips, one of the most frequent accidents. 

Make it accessible

It should we one of government’s top priority to fix accessibility problems. That is why we urge political parties to incorporate measures into their electoral platforms make sure that residential buildings have to be accessible for people with disabilities and for people over 70 years of age.

Save energy

We also should be setting up mechanisms to save energy by requiring the installation of low-power lighting systems (such as LED lighting, stand-by methods, etc.). It is also essential that new installations rely on energy-efficient machinery and, as far as possible, incorporate energy regeneration systems.

In this regard, ILS’s greenest option is the ION Green, a lift that – to reduce consumption – recaptures energy from its own motion. The ION Solar version goes a step further in terms of energy management since it is powered by 100% renewable energy thanks to solar panels placed at the top of the building and connected to the lift itself.

And relax!

Is your elevator over 20 years old? keep in mind that it has to be as safe as a newly-installed lift. Invest in your peace of mind and get a jump on any problem!If you need help, remember that ILS offers 24-hour customer service. Don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email with your enquiry. We look forward to helping you!