Lifts / 11 July 2022

M2M: Why is it so important to install a digital line in your lift?

To guarantee the safety of everyone who uses an elevator it is a requirement to have a telephone in a lift. Emergency calls from lifts are the main notification method in the event of entrapment. That’s why it’s important to always have the latest technology and an updated two-way communication system that, just by pressing the bell button for an extended time, contacts the maintenance company 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. How do I know if the system is still working? It’s very simple! Even thou regulation requires testing this system every 72 hours, we at ILS do it automatically every 12 hours and also the technician runs it monthly through Ecotest, which logs the test and the result.

There are currently two types of communication lines:

  • Analogue line: this type of line uses a language that relies on DTMF tones, also called PSTN (public switched telephone network).
  • Digital line: these are M2M (machine to machine) lines. They work with voice and data, improving performance compared to analogue lines.

Speaking of, since analogue lines are becoming obsolete it is very important to transition to digital lines. In addition to avoiding short-term problems, by making this change we will be opening up the equipment to all the improvements that the market offers.

Call from a mobile inside the lift

Due to the current pandemic we are experiencing, we know that it is very important to minimise the risk of contagion from touching shared surfaces, such as lift buttons.

Because of this, our development team has created ON-CALL, a system for calling the lift from your own mobile.

  • It works without having to download any apps.
  • You just need to scan a QR code and select the floor you want to go to.
  • No contact, no worries.

TFT displays inside the cab

Thanks to digital lines, we will be able to install TFT screens in button panels in lifts that will provide additional support for communications, both internal and external (such as news services, weather, cultural agenda, weekly planner, etc.).

Remote monitoring of lift equipment

An M2M line makes it possible to monitor lift equipment in real time. This ILS project lets us view the status of each lift conveniently from our customer portal.

In addition, in the future it will be the key to doing preventive tasks remotely, which will maximise the safety and time of use of the connected devices.

Advantages and benefits of having a digital line with ILS

  1. No hidden costs: With an analogue line, it is more common for the emergency telephone to continuously call the emergency centre. When this happens with an analogue line that is billed per minute and call made, the cost can be very high. However, ILS’s digital line has a fixed monthly cost, no matter how often you call!
  2. With no initial investment and free installation: If you take out a 3-year line contract with us, ILS will install it at no cost, making it easier to get approved by the residents’ association. All you pay is the monthly service fee.
  3. With all the services: You will have all the necessary features, such as a 24/7 connection with our emergency team, line verification calls every 12 hours and a geolocated team to speed up rescue operations and guarantee minimun rescue times in the event of entrapment.

Request a quote and start enjoying all the benefits!

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