Lifts / 24 May 2022

How to install a lift outside a building by reconstructing the staircase

This type of lift is perhaps the most well-known among society, as it is the easiest to see and recognise when walking down the street. Generally, colloquially, these are the towers that we see attached to the outside of a building, and which are joined to it by enclosed walkways with large windows. When installed, these towers usually protrude into public areas, such as pavements and sometimes even part of the road if possible and justifiable. These are the best known because we can see them from outside the building without having to go inside, and it is clear where the lift is travelling.

This type of installation, with stops on each floor, is normally used when there are no terraces, kitchens, balconies, etc., on the front of the building (or the residents agree to transfer the use of part of these elements), and there is sufficient public or private space to install the lift tower. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the space taken up does not impede pedestrian traffic on the street, so in addition to the work required for the lift, some activities, such as rebuilding pavements or adding new pedestrian routes to replace the existing ones, may have to be performed.

How is an outdoor lift installed, step by step?

These works, since they have more space, usually due to the addition of a new area to the common areas, normally result in the installation of higher capacity lifts, since once the determination is made that the tower has to be built outside, licences are usually issued that provide complete accessibility, thus making it possible to install larger cabs.

It is important to keep in mind that to do this type of work, it may be necessary to relocate some underground installations in and around the building, and even the surrounding public area, where the tower is going to be installed, so that the pit can be built. This will be analysed for each case individually before the installation proposal is finalised to ensure a satisfactory result.

This work usually lasts around eight months, with a single 10-day period during the works – when the staircase is being rebuilt – when time restrictions will be in place for accessing the flats. The approximate cost of this type of work depends on the finishes and materials chosen by the customer, but for standard finishes, you can expect the cost to be around €120,000, not including municipal taxes or fees. In order to make this type of installation a reality, at FAIN we have tailor-made financing for customers with a term of up to 10 years.

Initial condition (before the outdoor lift is installed): Huésped del Sevillano St, Madrid

Before the works
Initial design

Condition after refurbishment to install an outdoor lift

After the works
After the works
Final design
Final design

We hope that we answered all your questions about installing lifts based on the type of staircase a building has! Contact us to request a quote. We’ll be happy to help you.