Service Contracts

Service Contracts
Maintenance only contract
Semi comprehensive contract
Fully comprehensive contract

  • Lifts have become so much a part of our daily lives that we take them for granted.  In fact, it might be more truthful to say that we pay very little attention to lifts until for some reason they stop running properly.
  • A lift system in a building represents a major investment, one that plays a key role in determining the buildings rentability.  Naturally, the building owner wants to protect their investment, and a regular programme of preventative maintenance is the most cost-effective way to do so.
  • At Irish Lifts, we practice preventative maintenance which is designed to spot and correct potential problem areas before a lift shutdown can occur.  Our Service Management System allows us to build historical data and also assists us with the Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme.

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Maintenance Contract Options

Maintenance only contract

This contract offers maximum flexibility with regard to budgeting for Health and Safety, repair work and upgrades.

The contract covers, mandatory checks, checking lubrication, inspection and minor adjustments.  Parts and breakdown calls normally incur an additional cost.

Semi comprehensive contract

This contract was carefully designed and structured for reduced cost and optimum quality maintenance and has proved to be a very popular choice with lift owners.

The contract covers, mandatory checks, checking lubrication, repairs, adjustments, inspections, breakdowns, and most commonly used parts.

Fully comprehensive contract

This contract offers the customer complete peace of mind with regard to the maintenance of the lift.

The contract covers mandatory checks, checking lubrication, repairs, adjustments, inspections, all parts,  normal and out of hours breakdown calls.

We welcome your call, the above does not form a part of any contract, terms and conditions apply.

Irish Lift Services provide Free of Charge:

  • Risk Assessment Survey Report
  • Safety Inspections Report
  • Repair work quotations
  • Modernisation quotations
  • Upgrade quotations
  • Lift Care Training for Property/Facility Managers


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