Lift Replacement

Option 1:

Often, the solution to an outdated, problematic lift is to replace the installation, in its entirety. To this end, we offer a range of high quality, industry renowned, complete lift systems to suit the existing or modified site conditions.

Where certain existing shaft and motor room dimensions/conditions permit, a complete new lift can be installed to the requirements of EN81.

Products in conformance to EN81 and the Lift Directive include:

  • New traction gearless lifts without motor room (MRL).
  • New traction geared lifts with existing motor room (Traditional).
  • New hydraulic indirect acting lifts with pump/motor room.
  • New bespoke traction/hydraulic/Passenger/Goods Lifts


In most cases, associated builders works are required to enable an EN81 compliant replacement lift to be installed in an existing lift shaft/motor room. Irish Lift Services offer an option to employ the associated trades to carry out such works, should the client prefer.


Option 2:

Where the building (especially the lift shaft/motor room) cannot comply with the requirements of EN81 (100% Lift Replacement), we offer tailored solutions to replace 90% of the installation. In such cases, the main car and counterweight guide rails and counterweight frame, may be retained (if in good condition) and reused. All other equipment would then be designed and manufactured to suit the original layout. In this case, all major items of the lift will then be replaced during the same site programme.



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