Controller Replacement

Controller Replacement

The key to improved lift performance and reliability is replacement of the main control system incorporating a re-wire of the entire installation. This offers a new lease of life for the lift with options for VF (variable frequency) drive, in the case of electric traction lifts.

Our modern control systems provide reductions in energy costs, better floor levelling, smoother ride quality and increased lift efficiency.

A wide range of quality control systems are available from 1 speed AC, 2-Speed AC, open loop VF, closed loop VF to AC gearless as well as hydraulic systems, for all applications. All are modular in design allowing ease of future additions and upgrades.

Whilst upgrading the main control system, it is normal practice to replace associated items such as car and shaft wiring, motor room wiring, car top control station, car and landing call buttons/indicators, etc.


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